Online Payments

Click on the item below to make a secure online payment to the City of New Franklin.


Above Ground Swimming Pool (Flat Fee: $50)


Agricultural Building or Structure (Flat Fee: $50)


Agricultural Fence (Flat fee: $50)


Board of Zoning Appeals Application (Flat Fee: $350)


Deck: 500 square feet or smaller (Flat/Minimum Fee $50)


Fence (Flat Fee: $50)


General Permit (Flat Fee: $50)


Home Occupation Sign (Flat Fee: $25)


In-Ground Swimming Pool (Flat Fee: $50)


Planning & Zoning Commission Conditional Use Application (Flat Fee: $400)


Planning & Zoning Commission Re-Zoning (Fee: $500)


Planning & Zoning Commission Site Plan Review (Fee: $250)


Porch: 500 square feet or smaller (Flat/Minimum Fee: $50)


Temporary Portable Sign (Flat Fee: $25)