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Water in New Franklin


We have businesses and residents who have expressed a desire for "city water" as opposed to wells for a variety of reasons. There were only four options for bringing water to New Franklin: build our own water plant and run lines (millions of dollars in costs); get water from Canal Fulton (impractical due to cost and distance); or get water from Barberton (JEDD required and costs involved). The fourth option was Aqua Ohio, a private company with well fields in Massillon, currently serving Massillon, Jackson, and Green and with branches throughout the State and Country. New Franklin entered an agreement with Aqua in 2009, but due to lack of interest and funding no action was taken until last year when together we applied for and received a substantial "grant" from the Ohio EPA to cover half the cost of an initial phase to bring water from the area of East Caston and South Main to SR. 93 (Manchester Road). The balance of costs are in the form of an interest-free loan which Aqua will be servicing. Listed next are details of this first phase of water to New Franklin.

First Phase

Aqua Ohio will be making public water service available to areas of New Franklin beginning in 2021. Residents are not required to tie into the water main, and signing up for the service is completely voluntary. If your home or business is directly on the water route, you have the opportunity to tie into the water line.

Thanks to a principal forgiveness loan from the EPA and Aqua's investment in the project, along with early commitments from New Franklin businesses, there is no cost to the tax payer. Only residents wanting service will incur fees as determined by Aqua and which are detailed below. 


If you choose to convert to Aqua for public water, you will need to pay a water main assessment fee (lot fee) and customer impact fee. In addition, homeowners who convert from a well are also responsible for installing a service line from the street into the home and either abandoning their current well or installing a backflow preventer device that requires annual testing.

Aqua Ohio has a financing plan available in which most costs including the lot charge, your private service line, and well abandonment costs can be financed over a 3 to 10 year period at current interest rates. You are also welcome to finance through your own bank or loan provider. Aqua estimates the monthly cost for water service should be in the range of $35 to $45 per month depending on usage.

Aqua Costs list for 2021

Water Route

Access the map of the water route (PNG), which begins at East Caston Road and runs south on South Main Street, west on West Caston Road, north on Coleman Drive, west on Catalina Drive, north on Renninger Road, and west on Renninger Road to Manchester Road (SR 93). The water main runs north on Manchester Road to Vanderhoof Road and south to the location of Grace Bible Church.

View Aqua's letter (PDF) sent on January 19, 2021 to New Franklin residents along the water route.

Eligible Customers

If your home or business is directly on the water route, you have the opportunity to tie into the water line.

To do so, call 330-832-5764, ext. 50517.

If you do not live directly on the water route but you are interested in getting water to your neighborhood, let Aqua know by submitting your contact information.


View a list of area Water Service Installation Firms (PDF) that can connect the water line to your home.

Contact Information

Aqua Ohio

  • To connect your home or business to the water main, please call Aqua Ohio at 330-832-5764, ext. 50666
  • For questions or concerns about the project, call 330-832-5764, ext. 50666
  • For a water line emergency, contact Aqua at 877-987-2782 and choose the appropriate number to report your emergency.

Wenger Excavating

  • For questions or concerns about project construction, please call the contractor Wenger Excavating, Inc. at 330-837-4767