Do Not Knock Registry

Do Not Knock Community Logo

Residents and small business owners within the City of New Franklin now have a way to prevent unwanted door-to-door solicitors. The city has partnered with Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) to maintain a list of addresses for residents that do not want for-profit solicitors coming to their doors.

New Franklin residents can register their address online. Registered addresses will be listed on the registry within 30 days. When for-profit solicitors want to sell door-to-door, they must request a permit from the City. At that time, they are provided with the registry of addresses that they must avoid. Non-profit groups such as public schools and churches are not regulated by the same rules that for-profit solicitors must follow. The Do Not Knock Registry does not apply to these non-profit groups.

Within 30 days of registering for the Do Not Knock Registry, residents will receive a Do Not Knock window cling to display near their front doors to further notify solicitors that they are on the Do Not Knock Registry.

What to Do if the Do Not Knock Registry Is Violated

If you have signed up for the registry and a salesman still comes to your door, ask which organization they represent. If you feel that a solicitor is in violation of the Do Not Knock Registry, contact the New Franklin Police Department non-emergency phone number at 330-882-3281 to report them.