Juvenile Diversion Program

The Juvenile Diversion Program headed by Officer Jason Tirbovich, is a voluntary program that utilizes community based resources and specialized contracts between the juvenile offender, parents/guardian and the New Franklin Juvenile Diversion Unit. This program is an alternative to going through the Juvenile Court system and having a juvenile record.

If the juvenile completes the program and does not commit any new offenses for two years, his/her record will be expunged. If the juvenile does re-offend while still in the program, he/she is subject to additional sanctions for breaking his/her contract. Or, he/she may be terminated from the program, depending on the nature of the offense committed.

The Juvenile Diversion Program is designed to work with first time juvenile offenders who have committed misdemeanor offenses only. The Diversion Unit personnel will make the determination on an individual basis, regarding the juvenile's eligibility. Some of the reasons for not accepting a juvenile into the program would be if there were a need for extensive psychological counseling, or drug and alcohol treatment and counseling. If the juvenile is not accepted into the Diversion Program, he/she will be referred to Juvenile Court.

It has been documented throughout the country that this program is successful because it is designed to hold juvenile offenders accountable for the crimes they have committed, to prevent future offenses, and to provide intervention services. More importantly, the offenders give back to the community in the form of community service and/or restitution. For this program to work in the life of the juvenile, it is imperative that both youths and parents are aware of the process and procedures of the program.