Fire Prevention Bureau

Code Enforcement

The department currently has 8 state-certified fire safety inspectors who conduct annual inspections of all public buildings within the city. The inspectors utilize the Ohio Fire Code and the Ohio Basic Building Code to ensure that all occupancies used by the public are free of fire hazards. In addition, the inspectors work closely with the Summit County Department of Building Standards in reviewing fire detection and suppression plans for new or updated systems. It is the intention of this department to work with the business owners and to educate them in the recognition of unsafe conditions, and the actions needed to correct these hazards, to maintain a fire-safe environment for their customers and employees.

Public Education

Every year the Prevention Bureau goes to Nolley Elementary School to educate our children on the hazards of fire and to teach them how to be fire safe. This is done via the use of the Fire Safety Trailer, assemblies, and by interaction with both students and teachers. We also try to motivate the children with contests and take-home projects in order to involve parents and siblings. This way we not only reach our students, but also, we educate those at home.

Throughout the year, we participate in a variety of activities in conjunction with civic groups located within our community. In addition, members of the fire department conduct tours of Station Number 1.

Fire Medic Brad Miller is the contact for Public Education. He can be reached at the general number for the department, 330-882-3130.

CPR Classes

The New Franklin Fire Department has six CPR instructors who conduct classes at various times of the year. Some of these classes are for special groups; however, public classes are offered as well. If your group is interested in holding a CPR class, please contact us. All public classes will be publicized in the local newspaper and will be announced at city council meetings. The fire department also speaks to the freshmen health classes at Manchester High School, annually, as part of a CPR awareness program recently added to their curriculum.