Fire / EMS

Department Overview

The New Franklin Fire Department serves the City of New Franklin. The Fire Department provides Fire and Emergency Medical Service to a population of almost 16,000 people.

The New Franklin Fire Department was officially established in 1942 as the Franklin Township Fire Department. Fire Protection and ambulance services were provided completely by volunteers until l969 when the township hired its first full-time firefighters.

There are two fire stations in the City of New Franklin. Station Number 1 is located at 5605 Manchester Road and Station Number 2 is located at 3200 Rhapsody Lane.


The New Franklin Fire Department has 15 full-time Firefighter/Paramedics, 1 Fire Chief, 1 Assistant Fire Chief, 1 Administrative Aide, and an average of 8 part-time personnel.

Department Services

The New Franklin Fire Department provides 24-hour service, 365 days a year. There are three platoons of four full-time personnel to each platoon and one full-time chief and assistant chief. Each platoon is on duty for 24 hours then rotates off for at least 24 hours. The fire chief and assistant chief are scheduled Monday through Friday. The part-time firefighter/EMTs provide extra personnel when the need arises. The part-time firefighter/EMTs and off-duty personnel also respond from home in the event of a major emergency, or when multiple calls are received.

Services provided by New Franklin Fire Department include:

  • Emergency Medical Services - Emergency Medical Services (EMS) accounts for nearly 81% of the annual calls answered by New Franklin Fire Department. Paramedic-level Emergency Medical Service is provided to all residents and visitors to the city. We strive to provide the highest level of pre-hospital emergency medical care through the use of up-to-date training, techniques, and modern equipment. We care about our community.
  • Injury Prevention - the department is committed to preventing injury especially to the children of the community. The fire department is a proponent of Safe KIDS and Injury Prevention programs.
  • Fire and Injury Prevention Education - The New Franklin Fire Department is an active supporter of the "Aluminum Cans for Burned Kids" (ACBC) program and is a collection site for the program. The funds obtained from the recycling of the collected cans are used to promote fire injury prevention with a focus on the children of the respective communities and to underwrite the cost of helping not only those children who have been badly burned but their families as well cope with the physical and psychological recovery from those burns. The department is also an active participant in the fire and injury prevention programs presented annually in the local elementary schools in the city.
  • Fire Prevention - Benjamin Franklin, the father of the modern fire service knew "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Fire safety education and a comprehensive Fire Safety Inspection program promotes a safer and healthier living and working environment. A fire prevented does no harm and is considerably less costly to the property owner or business person.
  • Fire Suppression - Fire suppression activities accounts for 9% of the department's annual call volume with only about 2% structure fires. In the event a fire does occur, dedicated, professional firefighters using modern firefighting techniques and equipment reduce the loss of life and property damage.
  • Technical Rescue Teams - Specialty operations such as Heavy Extrication (auto crashes, entrapment, etc.), Water Rescue (Underwater [SCUBA] and Open Water Rescue, Ice Rescue, and Swiftwater Rescue [rivers, floods, etc.]), Rope Rescue, Trench Collapse Rescue and Building Collapse Rescue, are based at Station Number 1.
  • CPR Classes - Certified CPR Instructors offer classes to the public and to health care providers at various times throughout the year.
  • Blood Pressure Checks - We will gladly check your blood pressure anytime you feel a problem exists.
  • General Assistance - It is often said "If you don't know who to call, call the fire department." We are here to assist the residents of New Franklin anyway we can. If we can't help directly, we will use our best efforts to get the help needed.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the New Franklin Fire Department to provide professional and caring life safety services to our customers- the residents and visitors to the City of New Franklin and the community at large; to reduce the loss of life, injuries, and damage to property, and the environment caused by fire, medical emergencies, accidents, and natural disasters; to be leaders in our community; and to provide support, education, and guidance in matters relevant to our mission.

We will achieve these through public education, inspection, planning, and the continuing education of our members. We will acquire modern methods and equipment to safely and efficiently perform our duties and services. We will constantly review and improve our operations. We will anticipate our customers' needs in order to provide the best possible service with the resources available to us now and in the future.