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Final Comprehensive Plan Public Presentation

The Comprehensive Plan was presented to the public on Monday, November 6, 2023 at Gather at the Lakes Event Center. Our Kleinfelder consultants presented the Final Comprehensive Plan Presentation to those in attendance and a panel comprised of Steering Committee members and consultants answers questions raised by the audience. The meeting was livestreamed on the City of New Franklin Facebook page and the professional recording will be uploaded to the City's YouTube channel.

Next, the final Comprehensive Plan will be formally adopted by New Franklin City Council. 

The executive summary, the final comprehensive plan report, and its appendices can be found on the right side of this page under "Related Documents." 


In 2004, when we were a township, we adopted a Comprehensive Plan to create a vision for overall development for the future. The purpose of a Comprehensive Plan was set forth in that document (found here) as follows: 

The purpose of the comprehensive plan is to provide a framework within which informed spending and regulatory decisions could be made to determine the future character of the community. Such decisions involved the proper location and nature of future development, the need for public facilities or infrastructure and a determination of scenic, environmental, and historic resources that should be afforded a measure of protection as development occurs.

The 2022 Comprehensive Plan begins with the same purpose. Poggemeyer Design Group, a consultant with over fifty years of experience, has been chosen to lead the project. Working with the Steering Committee over the next 12-15 months, public meetings will be held, a community survey will be drafted, issued and collected, and ultimately a comprehensive plan formed by you, the residents, will be adopted. We strongly urge all New Franklin residents to be involved.  

What is a Comprehensive Plan? 

A Comprehensive Plan is a living document that contains and profiles data and information regarding the physical aspects and character of the community. The Plan considers the city's current and future revenue sources and needs to the extent this information might bear upon decisions relative to development. This plan will include the results of resident surveys and workshops, all to present a long-term vision for community development, redevelopment, or preservation as the case may be. It is a collective vision regarding the factors that should be considered when decisions are made in the future.

It Begins with a Steering Committee. 

There was a wonderful response to the call for citizens to serve on the Steering Committee for the upcoming Comprehensive Plan Project. Seventy-two residents expressed a willingness to serve, and from them, the Selection Committee (Councilman Cotts, Zoning Administrator Barry Ganoe, Citizens Advisory Panel member Michael Conwell, Development Coordinator Jennifer Syx and Mayor Adamson) appointed twenty-four members. This was extremely difficult due to the caliber of the applicants, but the intention was to select a group representative of the community, and to that end, we believe the process was a success. It was suggested by the consultants that we include men and women, young and old, long term residents and those newer to the City, representation from all of the wards and from the churches, schools, farms and businesses as well.

The Steering Committee as selected includes 8 women (24 women applied) and 16 men (46 men applied). The group includes 1 from the 18-25 age group (only one applicant), 5 from the 26-40 age group, 13 from the 41-65 age group and 5 from the 65+ age group. Five of the members have lived here 5 years or less, six have lived here 6 to 15 years, three have lived here 15 to 25 years and ten have lived here 25 years or more. There are four members from Ward 1, six from Ward 2, nine from Ward 3 and five from Ward 4. Business owners from each commercial area and the west side are included as well as representatives from the local clergy, school boards, City Council, the Citizens Advisory Panel and the Zoning Boards. With that, we are proud to present to you the 2022 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee.

Next, we'll need community input!

To achieve a Comprehensive Plan that truly reflects the community's vision, citizen involvement is vital. There were multiple opportunities for public participation including:

Public Workshops and Visioning Events

These workshops and events, open to all residents, were one way to provide input on key issues and planning themes. The city's consultant led a brief discussion about the work that has already been completed, and the majority of the time was spent discussing planning elements. The information gathered from this meeting will be fundamental to the development of the Comprehensive Plan. Residents were able to sign up for text and email alerts for these events. Flyers, newspaper ads, emails, texts, and Facebook posts also promoted the workshops. 

Workshop #1: Thursday, January 26, 2023 from 6-8pm at Gather at the Lakes 
Topic: Current & Future Land Use

Workshop #2: Tuesday, February 7, 2023 from 6-8pm at Gather at the Lakes 
Topic: Economic Development

Workshop #3: Thursday, March 9, 2023 from 6-8pm at Gather at the Lakes
Topic: Parks & Recreation

Community Survey

survey, open to all residents, was available from 11/18/22 through 12/15/22 both online and in print.  1,751 surveys were completed and submitted, which equates to about 30% of New Franklin's 5,600 households. One survey was mailed to each household (with additional copies available at City Hall and the Portage Lakes Branch Library). The mailed surveys also included a link to take the survey online. (Have questions about the survey? Check out these FAQs.)

At the conclusion of these Public Input events and surveys, consistent themes and common perceptions will be identified and incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan.

Finally, we'll have a consensus and an actionable plan.

After about 12-15 months, with maximum participation from the community, a draft plan will be drawn and presented for public review. This will be a final opportunity for comment and feedback on the Plan's key initiatives, strategies, objectives, and implementation measures. New Franklin's plan was presented to the public on Monday, November 6th at Gather at the Lakes Event Center to over 100 residents, business representatives, and stakeholders. Any necessary revisions will follow and the Plan will then be presented for approval to City Council. Yearly reviews will assure implementation of the plan components. 

Here's how we'll keep everyone informed

We made every effort to reach as many New Franklin residents as possible with information and to encourage participation. Citizens were encouraged to stay informed using the communication vehicles below.

  • Sign up for email updates to have important dates and information sent right to your inbox. 
  • If you are on Facebook, follow the City of New Franklin, Ohio and adjust your follow settings to Favorites.
  • Bookmark this page on your web browser and visit often to check for new information and upcoming events.
  • Talk with your family, friends, and neighbors! Share social media posts related to these public input sessions, talk to your family and friends who may not be on social media or follow the newspapers or websites.


Have questions about the Comprehensive Plan or Steering Committee? Email us or call 330-882-4324.  

As we navigate this process together, let us remember the words of Abraham Lincoln: 

"Let us neither express nor cherish any hard feelings toward any citizen who has differed with us. Let us at all times remember that all American citizens are brothers of common country and should do well together in the body of fraternal feeling."

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