The History

The Frank Mason Raymond House was constructed and given to Raymond and his wife, the former Zeletta Robinson, as a wedding present from his grandfather, Franklin H. Mason, who was a senior executive of the B. F. Goodrich Company and had his large summer mansion adjacent to this house, Brighton Farms.

The couple was married on December 28, 1927, and lived at Mason's neighboring mansion, Brighton Farms, for the 13 months while their home was being built. They continued to live at the Tudor House until they built a home in Bath.

Goodrich Vice-President, George Vaught, and his family later rented the Tudor House. Then, in 1943, prominent Akron jeweler Henry B. Ball and his wife, Helen, bought the mansion. They lived there for 25 years with their children, Skip and Betty.

From 1968 to 1974, Akron contractor Robert Fabbro and his family of six children occupied the mansion. In 1974, it was sold to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

In July 1977, the Franklin Township Trustees signed a 50-year lease with the State for the facilities to be used as a civic center and the site of various community events.  The City of New Franklin, formerly Franklin Township, acquired the deed to the property on December 28, 2010.

Tudor Revival Style

The Tudor Revival (popular 1900-1930), style is derived from the county manors of medieval England.  The Tudor Revival house is characterized by a rambling, asymmetrical composition, often designed to appear as though rooms have been added on many times as in old English country houses in use for centuries.  The roof is high-pitched; chimneys are elaborate and tall; doors have shallow, pointed arches; and windows have leaded panes and hood molding.  Half timber, often in combination with stucco, is common in gables.  Brick with stone at the doors and windows, is the most common building material.

The Tudor House Builders - Schweikert Brothers

William F., Samuel G. and G. Edward Schweikert began a construction business on April 1, 1911 in Akron, Ohio. They built many fine homes throughout the Akron area, primarily in the West Akron region. One of the more notable homes they built was the Tudor House on Turkeyfoot Lake in what is now the City of New Franklin. The house was built in 1927 and was a gift from Frank Mason, Sr. an executive of B. F. Goodrich Company to his grandson, Frank Raymond, as a wedding gift. They also built S. John / St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church located near downtown Akron at the corner of Cedar and Bowery Streets.

Their involvement with the boyscout camp, Camp Manatoc, began when they were asked to construct the main entrance gate to look like a log fortress. They completed the gate in 1932 and also constructed the main dining hall and other buildings including several structures referred to as “tree houses” at the camp. The dining hall is one of the largest structures in Ohio made of wormy chestnut and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

William Schweikert’s two sons, Carl and Paul, took over the business when he retired from full-time construction, although William continued to work part-time in the shop well into his 80’s. By then the business had become a remodeling operation and they no longer constructed houses. The business was eventually sold and until 2008 was still in operation on W. North Street.

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